tax this


Dave Derer

Frickin brutal! Thank God this day is over. I need a better system for
taxes! Now I can get back to Amphicars and playing. Getting very close
to bright red paint on customers car. Its odd I can prime and block and
think I have it perfect and a day later I find another low spot. I get
too excited when I am nearing the paint stage. Blocking is so tedious
but shortcuts now screw up the job for life of car. There is something
rewarding seeing the dented and rusted beginning to the smooth and solid
ending. Pick up date on green 64 is pushed up to Friday. We shall see. I
cant believe I buy stuff like this with just a couple of blurry pics.
Remember when looking at pics the important things like rear
bumperettes. If one is cocked a little you know its rusted or fixed
wrong. Too many times I hear that trays have been repaired. I ask if any
glue or fiberglass present. Yes is answer when bumper is crooked. If
crap was used there you can bet they used crap in doors and floors.
Later Dave the Wave.