Tavares Lake Harris ramp help needed

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HELP before Lake Dora Amphicar/ Boat show. I need someone to try to use ramp near our house. It was a county ramp unused due to no parking. I understand there are weeds but water should be deep. I did not have a chance to see it. Its on Elizabeth.
We have some visitors from New Hampshire coming down. With the horrible snow storms I would like to know ramp is use able to help them enjoy their visit. There is a "free" Golden Corral meal included with this deal.
Google map: lake harris circle Tavares fl
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I was at Wontoon Park in tavares today for lunch,
The whole park is a mess, with what looks like months to finish,
I have to be home on theb 15th but can not see how they are going to get things ready for Boat show at end of Month,