still tearing engine down....I pull the tappets out, and EVERY single one of them has a mark on it, a couple of them had two marks on them, like they've been nicked or gouged. What the heck? these marks are on the end that the push rods fit into, not the end that rides on the cam. hopefully pix show what i'm talking about.
tappet.jpg tappet1.png


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. Done lots of motors, seen lots like this, could probably use them no problem but I would put new ones in if there is any concavement on the bottoms
Just picked up a spare motor from machine shop
bored out 30thou, crank 10 under, Head done over, new oil pump. lifters,timing chan etc.
Will be aval for sale in a week or so.

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I just opened up a box of NOS STANPART lifters for the engine I am rebuilding and yes the little notches are on 7 of the 8 lifters