Tales of Chaos #001

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Tales of Chaos Issue #001

"Take the Long Way Home?"

This is the first issue of what looks like an endless series of
stories involving my 1963 Red Amphicar named "Chaos". Our premier
saga brings us to Mays Landing, New Jersey. I was camping at the home
of Billy and Randy Syx (of East Coast Amphicar) for a big Labor Day
Weekend celebration. It was the night before the party and Billy and
I felt like taking the car for a swim in the Great Egg Harbor River,
and proceeded to the local ramp.

Upon arrival Billy informs me there is a $5 launch fee to use the
ramps, but he knows the guy and is confident we wont have to pay a
thing. Sure enough as I approach the water an attendant greets Billy
and before you know it there is "Chaos" in the Harbor River, free of

Entry was rather tricky as the launch area quickly goes to the left,
and the river currents work against it, but with a little help from
the dock we were under way!

An hour or less pass by and we are having a good time swimming the
car up river. Darkness looms and the tides begin to move so we
considered it was time to start heading back. Trolling along the
shore we consider the true distance back to the ramp, and just how
much of a pain it will be to navigate that tricky ramp in the dark.

Just then we pass this partially hidden, over grown, deteriorated
ramp in the back yard of a nice old house along shore. After looking
at the ramp, looking at the watch and looking at each other, we both
held the same question in mind: "Take the Long Way Home?"

You must picture this scene. Its a quiet early September night along
shore in what appears to be a sleepy little town. So when the 80 year
old woman in the rocking chair knitting sitting in her enclosed porch
sees our car with headlights illuminated driving up the bank, she
immediately stops rocking.

Billy and I give her a polite wave, a cheery beep and on our way we
go. One can only imagine what could have been going through that poor
womans mind! I know what was in mine however...God I love my Amphi!

Chris Skeeles
Canton, Ohio

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