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Like to have some of my fine finned friends add to this list...

New Automobile Ad Slogans:
1. BMW the ultimate tanning machine... unless you own an Amphicar.
2. Dodge is Different... but not nearly as different as an Amphicar.
3. Have you driven a Ford lately ?... across a lake? Better go
in an Amphicar instead.
4. Quality is job one, reliability didn't make the list - Amphicar
5. "Like a rock" it swims and sinks to the bottom... Unless you own
an Amphicar.
6. Built Ford Tough... yet very vulnerable in more than 2 foot of
water - Buy an Amphicar instead.
7. Toyota - I love what you do for me, but my Amphicar is way more
8. Pontiac Aztek - the most versatile car ever built... well, not
really. Amphicar takes that prize.

San Diego