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    It's that time of year again when the neighbor kids
    go door to door trying to out sell each other with
    those over priced gift wrap and candy catalogs.
    I've always likened this to a form of child abuse
    and yet am amazed when some kid puts a clever
    spin on his/her sales pitch. Keep in mind these
    kids are well under 10 years of age and don't know
    an Amphicar from a Mac Truck... or so I thought.

    Scene: Our hero, Amphipoda, is draining some of
    the precious bilge slime from Amphi's bowls when
    an extremely young sales boy happens by. Without
    even looking up at the child, so not loose even one
    precious drop of bilge slime, the encounter unfolds.

    Kid: "Hi mister, I'm selling candy for the Kathy
    Lee Gifford Stop Child Labor Program and I was
    wondering if you would be interested in buying
    some of these fine candies so I can have a chance
    to enter a drawing for winning a trip to Japan to
    see the Pokemon II movie being made."

    A~poda: "Goes against my better judgement, but
    I'll have a look at what you got."

    Kid: "Wow! What kinda car is that?"

    A~poda: "Boat-car. Put me down for some of
    these here Dark Chocolate Daggers and some of
    these White Chocolate Hearts."

    Kid: "Never heard of a Boat-Car before. But I
    have heard of an amphibious car called the
    Amphicar. Is this like an Amphicar?"

    Amphi grins with pleasure.

    A~poda: Stunned by the kids wisdom... "You've
    actually heard of Amphicars?"

    Kid: "Oh yeah, they were the only successfully
    mass produced amphibious vehicle, built between
    1960 and 1968, and were called the model 770."

    Amphi smiles with tremendous admiration.

    A~poda: "Yeah, I know, but I was in Huggies at
    the time. So how do you know about Amphicars?"

    Kid: "I did a book report on Amphicars in 4th
    grade after seeing some web sites about them."

    Amphi elbows me with immeasurable pride.

    A~poda: "Okay kid, help me pull the tarp off
    my Boat-car and I'll buy some more candy from you."

    Kid: "Wait a minute... that IS an Amphicar isn't it?"

    Amphi beams in the glow of youthful recognition.

    A~poda: "Yeap, that there is an Amphicar."

    Kid: "Wow! I gotta get my dad and tell my friends,
    I'll be right back.

    Haven't seen that young tadpole since that bizarre
    encounter. Not even sure if it was all a dream or a
    hallucination or what, but Amphi keeps bugging me
    to find him so we can give him a ride. And to top
    it off I never got my chocolate hearts & daggers.
    So if you see this Amphicar encyclopedic child...
    Beware - he knows Amphi and is rumored to sell
    fine chocolates.

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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