Synchromesh Rings


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Does anyone know what the replacement parts are for the synchromesh rings? I have a 1966 Amphicar. Also, the front turnsignal lights are amber.
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Yes sir I think Gord is correct. And '64 would be a good guess as to when they changed color.There is one thing to understand.You may see a '66 (for example) early production late titled car with clear turn signals, you will never see a '63 or earlier car with amber lens.I think, Tommy in Sunny Tampa

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As far as I know these are only used in Amphicars..
The Trany is the heart of a Amphicar.
without it you don,t have a Amphicar.
There are 2 suplyers of these ring, they both have them custom made
and are expensive.
Dave the Wave in Ill. and Hugh Gordon in Ca.
I have a few up in canada and have used them in tranys with good results
I stock all trany seals and gaskets, most bearings and have some of the many gears (NOS) for Amphicar trans.see my parts list on my web page, click at top of this page.
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