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I've been on a quest ever sence I bought this silly car to find a fresh water
lake with a calfing glaicer I could take the Amphicar too. There is a lake about
an hour south of Anchorage I have thought about. It's called Portage lake. A
butiful place. One problem, no boats allowed. I spoke with a sweet gal at the
forest service about the posibilty of getting a one time use permit. That was an
interesting converstaion. "Yes mam... I'd like a permit to drive my car into
Portage Lake... No I've not been drinking..." and so on. After finnly getting
it accross to her what I had and wished to do they came up with a good
alternative. Put the car on the train and take the seenic ride to Seward. Half
way through the mountians the train has a stop I could un load the car at and
with a short mile drive I could swim my Amphicar in Spencer Lake. Spencer
glacier calves into the lake and this time of year the lake is full of ice
burgs. I'm going to call the rail road and see just what it mi
ght cost to get my car up there, no road access to this part of Alaska. I'm
thinking about setting this up for next year. Anyone else from Alaska or just
visiting for that matter want to come along? Two cars would be ideal. I'll try
to find some pictures of the Lake and see how senic it is.
Later, Craig in Alaska

Craig in Alaska
Red 66 Amphicar(FLATLK)



I'd love to join you on a cruise of Spencer Lake, and my wife MIGHT even let

If you could contact me when you have a little information on the train (and
if you really can get into the lake), then I'll try to talk my wife into it.


White '63

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