Swimming pool


Arnold Hite


Yep. That was Sharon and I. I sent a brief summary of my
experience assembling the pool to the list-serve. I'll copy it to you
directly. See you in Mt. Dora.

Charleston, SC

>Message: 3
> Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 10:03:02 EST
> From: nelson625@aol.com
>Subject: Re: Amphicar in a swimming pool
>I know I am way late in adding my comment about the picture of the Amphicar
>in a Swimming pool in what looks like a fairground, but I haven't seen an
>e-mail from the Hites, and I am next to certain that it was Arnold and Sharon
>Hite's Amphicar in a Swimming Pool at the Charlottle Motor Speedway Fairgrounds
>year or two ago as they live fairly close by. It was a done as a "Gimmick" for
>some event - the car show or fair or something. Arnold could enlighten us
>unless he already has and my spam filter filtered his comment out.
> Vic ( Capt. Splash ) Nelson with the Aqua 1967 "Split
>Personality" near Daytona