Swim With Dave Video


Eric M

Dave and I have been working on various ideas for this year's swim-
in. A couple of people have suggested a video. We've contacted the
people who did the Celina Video (everybody loved that one) and the
cost is around $1,000.

So we need to figure out how much interest there is. As anyone who's
ever been to one of Dave's events can testify too... there are always
plenty of moments that you wish you had on video. We aren't looking
to make money on these, just break even. We'd like to get them under
$20 each which requires ~ 50 orders. As people have mentioned their
last amphi production was a huge success. I'll bet the next one will
be even better (which can be assured if the attendees bring the
appropriate amounts of tequila for Dave ... <G>).

Likewise, how many folks would prefer it on DVD vs. VHS?

Please feel free to offer other suggestions. This is going to be the
best one yet!!! Snow falling in Illinois and all I can think about
is a nice spring day on the Rock River with my amphi friends!!!