Swim-In This Weekend in NY State


Bill Connelly

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<p align="left"><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="6">So what are <u>YOU</u> doing this weekend?...</font>
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<td width="52%"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica"><font color="#ff0000" size="5">August 25th: </font><font color="#ff0000" size="5">Amphistock</font><font color="#ff0000" size="4">
<font color="#ff0000" size="4">First Annual Woodstock Swim-In
Now at Saugerties Lighthouse!</font>

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<p align="center"><font size="4"><font color="#000080">Miss those upstate New York Amphi get togethers of yore?
Amphistock Amphicar Swim-In Moves To Saugerties Lighthouse
Last Minute Location Change Guarantees Even More Fun !</font>
<p align="left">The Amphicar Swim-In on Saturday, August 25th has moved from the Rondout Marina in Kingston up to the Saugerties Lighthouse on the Hudson River to join the "Between The Tides" Festival at the Lighthouse, featuring food from local restaurants and live music.

Travel directions and other info are on-line at www.saugertieslighthouse.com. Amphis should meet about 11 AM to enter the river at the Saugerties Marina in Saugerties, NY. The marina phone is 845-246-7533 and it's located just minutes from the Lighthouse. For more details, or if you're thinking of attending, please contact Mark Braunstein at mark@towerpower.com or call his cell phone at 845-399-3368.

<p align="left">The Lighthouse itself is also a memorable Bed & Breakfast. Other recommended lodgings are: (in Kingston) Holiday Inn / 845-338-0400 or, (in Woodstock) The Woodstock Inn / 845-679-8211. In a pinch, just give us a call on the fly and we'll figure something out.
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