Swim In Is Lookin Good


Dave Derer

I went and visited the Rock (and roll) River. It is soooooo much better
than the Illinois. It looks about normal just a bit quicker. The Rivers
Edge is excited about having us. Breakfast will be available. Also down
stream is the Moon Light Bay Marina. About 8 miles down. I am thinking
that might make a good destination. Now if I can find a place for kids
on Saturday night,hmmmm. This is pretty bilging cool. A few years ago
four cars now looking at a dozen from all over. The Prez of
International Amphicar Owners Club from Kentucky Marc Schlemmer, Board
member Doug Parsons from Ohio, Board Member Mike Echemann from Illinois.
Recent car owner and first time swimmer from Michigan Chuck Riener. Also
just a little wet behind the ears from Illinois, Leroy Finch. The
Wisconsin Crew! The Indiana water skier Robert Von Dracek and others!!!
Cold temps, cold beer, cold water, warm friends!!! Later Dave the Wave