Swim In From Illinois State Line To Downtown Rockford Sunday Sept 20th


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Hello Everyone,
I am getting a group together to do a 4 hour river ride on the smoothest part of the Rock River in Illinois from Rockton down to Downtown Rockford. We will be traveling with the current which makes Amphi travel a breeze. We did this last year and everyone who attended had a great time...

We will start our journey at 10 am Sunday Sept 20th at my house, We will then go to a great local museum called Historic Auto Attractions for about 2 hours and then have a picnic style lunch following...


Welcome To Historic Auto Attractions

We will then hit the boat(car) launch at the Rock River in Rockton which is only 1 mile from the Museum. During our river cruise we will stop at a state park for a break (halfway point) then finish the cruise on the river to Downtown Rockford. We will stop at a Pizza Place for us to eat dinner, after that we can gas up and head back by land. Our day will finish approximately 6:00pm.

I have done this ride several times and it is one of my personal favorites. We have 3 cars committed so far and I would love to see any Amphi brother or sister that would like to join us. If you need info, Feel free to email me at capon23@aol.com


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It was a great time last year. I am hoping to make it. I will be lone wolf since Margie will be in Vegas. Later Dave the Wave


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Hey, Last minute swimmers!

Let me know soon if you are coming or not. I need #s for the museum and food... Thanks,

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