Swap meet materials



I am picking up the hard copy manuals after work today and will have
19 copies of each CD and Hard copy with me for the swap meet. Six
have been reserved for those who emailed me last week. Did I miss
anyone? (C. Gould, M. Gabriel, D. Thielen, K. Vacek, S. Augustine, M.
Bayman, J. Friese) If any of you are attending Celina, let me know so
I can bring yours with me.

I will also be bringing a set of newly polished fin moldings and a
rechromed (show chrome) original 1 piece bumper. Any requests?

I am looking for tools for the tool kit, brake cables (early style),
cash, and a mermaid. :)

John "Nuthin' would be finer than to be in Celin-er" Bevins

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