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Bo Strander, AK OPTIK AB

Right now we have nice crispy winter weather in Sweden. Unfortunately- ice
on all lakes, but the light is coming back and soon, very soon (to soon)
it's time to swim.
Some thoughts about overheating problems:
1) High volume water pump may be a problem: Remember that we do have a
restricted amount of cooling air through the radiator. Forcing the water
perhaps means that you don't give it enough time to cool down....Comments?

2) Don't forget to add antifreeze or some other wetting chemical into the
radiator water. This, for sure, helps the water to cool the engine!

3) I have mounted twin electrical fans pushing the air through the radiator.
( I have never seen the original fan) They are simultaneously operated by a
thermostat, and the sound when they cut in is very obvious, but absolutely
not disturbing. At high road speed it is more or less drowned by all the
other sounds.

4) By using an infrared thermometer (very useful tool)I have noticed that
the main heat problems are located to the coil (where I have measured up to
almost 100C/212F) and the fuel chamber on the carburettor ( top measurement
over 85C/185F, and vapour lock of course ).

The engine it self and the gearbox has always been very normal in temp.
During normal road use in summer time I have the fans running approx.
50%-60% of the time.

Any suggestions how to decrease the temp at the carburettor and the coil?

V?nliga h?lsningar/ Best regards
Bo Strander

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
[] F?r John Friese
Skickat: den 25 januari 2006 04:20
?mne: [amphicar-lovers] Re: Engine cooling / Fan noise

Hello Dave,

Actually, I tried a number of different fans including the Triumph
fan clutch system and various flex fans but none of them cooled like
the stock Amphicar fan. The problem with the Amphi fan is that it
gets incredibly noisy at high speed. The best solution that I've
found is the larger water pump pulley (from a later (about 1972)
Triumph Spitfire)and the original Amphicar fan. The larger pulley
slows the fan down enough to greatly quiet it at high speed and it
doesn't seem to affect the cooling at idle.

I haven't heard about the engine "temperature personality" that you
mention but it does explain some differences that I've run into with
different engines.

All the radiator guys that I've talked to say they could build me up
a radiator that would surpass the regular Amphicar radiator for
cooling but I haven't found that expense to be necessary.

Electric fans that I've come across all seem to be noisy anyway and
they're noisey all the time. Yuk.

Larry and Nancy Solheim are in the area and we got together for a
swim today. The weather was pretty but the temperature was only
about 70 degrees at the lake. Ha ha. I'm sure glad I don't live in
Chicago anymore.

John Friese
Santa Barbara, CA

67 White
67 Red

--- In, "David Chapman" <david@m...>
> I wrote a bit about the fan in a recent club newsletter. I think
there is potential to reduce noise / increase power. An electric
solution probably is the way to go (assume you have done alternator
mod) but remember that you have to overcome the fact you are
decreasing overall efficiency by converting motion to electricity to
> Amphicar engineers spoke to Triumph people a lot about overheating
and did lots of testing to be ready for the Florida launch event in
61/62. I think as a consequence the standard fan (which is much
bigger than the Triumph item) overcools the engine. Also the Triumph
engines each have a "temperature personality" and some will run hot -
or cool - no matter what you do.
> There are electric water pumps available (Google triumph spitfire
electric water pump ) and with an electric fan that could work well
but the key is running the car as standard first and measuring from
lots of temperature sensors and then seeing if you can achieve same
level of cooling from a quieter fan. Also remember that engine
coolant temp is just a small part - the fan has to throw air all the
way to the underseat area to cool the transmission oil.
> If you use Amsoil you could possibly risk running the transmission
a little hotter - of course in theory you could fit an oil cooler to
the transmission but that is not easy and what do you do with the
radiator for that cooler. It's about this stage I normally decide
it's all too difficult and keep it standard - or do what John F has
done on his 1300, bigger pulley and different fan.
> David C

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<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2" PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial" LANG="0">In a message dated 1/27/2006 8:55:32 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

<blockquote TYPE="CITE" style="BORDER-LEFT: #0000ff 2px solid; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px">Any suggestions how to decrease the temp at the carburettor and the coil?


Bo, I have noticed the hot coil thing too, mine gets almost too hot to touch, have not done it yet but plan to turn it over where the connectors are on the top rather than bottom as someone had mentioned to me that coils should be upright because of the oil in them???

Any comments?

On the hot carb, what I did was make a 1/2 phenolic spacer rather than the 1/4 spacer l fabricated a stainless steel heat shield that has heat wrap that you would use on headers between two layers of SS sheetmetal to keep heat away from carb, seems to work well as I don't have the vapor lock problem anymore. Fotos if anyone wants to see.

About temperatures---I have a set engine gauges in mine and the temps vary depending on outside air temp, how hard and how long you run it---worse case is a hot day, 95 degrees and running on freeway trying to keep up, going 70, after an hour of this the most I've seen was 180 water temp and 220 on oil temp. My car likes 55 to 60 and will run all day at 160 water temp and 190 to 200 oil temp. On a cool day water temp stays about 140 and oil temp around 180, start up oil pressure is 50 and stays at 40 after warming up. While in the water these values are much lower as you are not using half the rpms as on the road.

My car has no oil cooler and no thermostat in cooling system.

I'm pretty happy with things as they are but next mod will be the larger pulley water pump to get rid of some of that noise and if I ever find the right fan will reverse the direction of air through the radiator, anyone know where I can get a fan made, I've found some with the right pitch, you can't just turn it around but the bolt holes don't match.

Anyway now maybe I can go back to sleep-----</font>
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