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Bo Strander

Hello Brian,
we have the same problems in northern europe. There are some techniques I''v
been using with some success.
First, if at all possible to use (depending on other pets, children etc.) is
to poor a ring of steelturnings/chips that you get from a lath,
around all four wheels. This shit is really sharp!! Rats and mices are smart
fellows and they will never try to walk throu it.
The next thing is to put in some splitted branches of fresch juniper,
preferably with the green needles still left. in the coupe. I learnt this
from an old farmer and at least it works on scandinavian mices.
Don't ever use rat-poison, The purpose with poison is to attract the small
vandales with a nice smell of food!
Best of luck.
Bo the swede
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Fr?n: B Crombie []
Skickat: den 2 november 2002 05:09
?mne: [amphicar-lovers] Mothballs vs Dryer Sheets

Greetings All,
Speaking of winterizing, this past week two friends of mine brought over a
boat and a car to store in my shed. The first to arrive was the car.
Scattered throughout the interior he had placed fabric softening dryer
sheets. I asked him what they are for and he claims they keep mice away.
Hmmm...never heard of that I told him. I've always used mothballs. A couple
days later the boat arrives with the same thing. Dryer sheets thrown about
the floor. Again I mention mothballs. He tells me he would rather smell
the dryer sheets next spring than mothballs. I agreed.
I was wondering if anyone else has heard of the dryer sheet technique or
have another method (short of cats) to keep mice at bay?

Brian Crombie
' 64 Euro-Amphi with a fresh coat of Fjord Green!

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