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Bo Strander

Ed, frostbiten fingers is ofcourse something we are more familiar with then
people living in the tropcal climate....:).
Honestly spoken... sure, your warnings are absolutely something to consider...
36?...Puh... I have heard about such weather... to hot for me. Tomorrow it will
peak 10?, they have promised - perfect for some gardening!
Take care - no ether in your climate!
Bo the swede
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Subject: Re: [amphicar-lovers] Digest Number 1306 - Ether

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From: Bo Strander
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Subject: SV: [amphicar-lovers] Digest Number 1306

Hello group, about trying to find airleaks in carburettor or
Perhaps this method is more useful on more modern cars with more complicated
systems, but my father once learned me an easy trouble-shooting method:
Buy a spraycan with "start-gas" (the kind of spray you spray in the air
intake especially in very cold weather when the engine doesn't start). Start the
engine and let it idle. Spray short shots along connections and hoses of the
air-intake system (not into the air-intake).
IF the engine idle increases you have definately found an airleak...
Be careful: don't inhale to much of the...spray, it will
Best regards from a sunny Stockholm (still 30cm ice on my favorite lake)..
Bo the swede

Uhh Bo, I think you are showing your wild side to us. <g>

If what you are talking about is "ether", then those folks who aren't familiar
with that stuff (anybody south of the 40th parallel) could use a warning. Ether
is very flammable and explosive. A carb intake that backfires with a snoot full
of ether is an awesome sight. And you should never spray it onto a hot manifold
near the distributor or the plug wiring.

Another interesting danger is that, should you spray it directly on your
finger, you can get very serious frostbite.

You tip is a lot safer, and works just about as well, if you use a can of
WD-40 (with its long plastic nozzle tube). The WD-40 is still flammable, but it
has nowhere near the punch of ether. And you can direct and control the spray a
lot easier.

That 30cm of ice wouldn't last long here; today the temp hit 96F (36C)!


El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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