Super Lotto Winner Buys Gordon Imports!



California Super Lotto expected to
be over $170 Million this Saturday!
If I win... I'll make Hugh an offer
he can't refuse and we'll all enjoy
shopping at "Amphipoda's Imports"
{has a nice ring to it don't ya think?}
for Amphi gear - half price on all
hats and T-shirts... FOREVER!!!

RE: Doug's Voyage from Hell...
Sheesh Doug, way to torture an Amphi!
Imagine being posted on YOUR belly on
a couple of tree stumps. Salem witch
trials sorta stuff I reckon. Perhaps
you should invest in cold water wet
suits, scuba gear, an Amphi size
flotation device and a depth gauge?
Naw.... the adventure is half the fun.
Your story made my cork in the washing
machine tale seem pretty tame. Cool.
Thanks for sharing and a lesson
learned is a lesson shared... or is
it vice versa?

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA
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