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  1. Tommy,

    If you have the old visors go to your local auto parts store and get
    some interior vinyl paint and repaint them. I did this on my white
    ones and they turned out like new and have lasted with the same new
    bright original finish as when they were first painted

    Just a thought


    Viva Celina
  2. Ken Chambers

    Ken Chambers Guest

    <<The three mounting screw hole pattern is reversed which required redrilling>>

    <<Maybe a silly question, but could you have accidentally put a right on the
    left side>>

    I bought the set of replacement visors from Hugh in 1992 and still haven't
    installed them on the restoration project. So I dug them out and started
    investigating since I'll soon put them on the recently acquired Amphi.

    The 3/92 sale flyer that I ordered them from does state that the original white
    plastic mounting brackets are now longer available but to simply swap the old
    ones onto the new visors. Well I did that today and I now have a beautiful
    brand new set of visors ready to install using the original mounting brackets.
    The visors appear identical to the original in size, shape and color. The
    brackets that came with the new visors have the mounting screws in a triangular
    pattern as opposed to an "L" shaped pattern on the original. BTW, those p/n
    12-46-36 and 37 visors I received in '92 were VW p/n 211857511A.

    I don't know if Hugh is still selling these same VW visors or if he now has
    visors that truly fit as original. If you obtain a set of VW visors, I wouldn't
    recommend redrilling the window frame to mount them - for two reasons. There
    are spot welded nuts to accept the mounting screws for the original visor
    brackets so you'd be securing the new visors on thin sheet metal. Secondly, the
    shape of the original visor mounting brackets placed the visor at the correct
    height. The VW visors can be installed with the brackets either up or down but
    that places the visors either too low below the windshield frame, or too high
    interfering with the convertible top.

    Ken Chambers

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