Sunday Swim on the Rock River

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  1. We had 43 degrees here on Saturday and couldn't find time to break
    out the swimming gear due to our 9 year olds BD party/sleep over,
    those girls stayed up way past my bedtime.
    We did however find time this 30-degree Sunday afternoon to check
    fluids and fire Her up.
    After warming up we headed to the Anchor Inn on the Rock River in
    Beautiful Downtown Newville.
    We checked the bilge plug more than twice and checked our door locks
    a few times just to be sure we hadn't forgotten anything, it's been a
    long time since we had her out.
    I've never gone in so slow, we inched her in and that's all it took
    to bring those "Only an Amphicar person knows this feeling smile"
    smiles across our faces.
    It felt great, we did a trip under the bridges and waved to the
    traffic on I-90, cars were also slowing down on the Hwy 59 Bridge to
    see what they could see. We came out and went back in 3 of 4 more
    times just for the fun of it.
    We did have a good first swim of the year.
    No bilge.
    Marty & Caryl
    `64 Turq

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    glad to see a ampi on the rock keep me posted. sometime maybe will meet

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