Sunbrella tops?

Jon March

I have the "shark-smile" issue due to the top on the car i bought having shrunk. There is zero fabric left underneath the front edge - so im not confident that i can solve this issue without a new top

---is there a way to stretch/relax the vinyl top with heat lamps, steam?

--- if that doesnt work - i may be in the market for a new top:
So help me here:

a) ive been offered tops that people have spare/ in a box/in storage - but what are the caveats of being folded up for years?

b) what materials are good vs bad - for example, the top on the car now seems to be rather thick/bulky where it wraps around the front of the frame - and im thinking it was made of a too "heavy-gauge" white material, which may not have as much stretch/give as other tops ive seen (where the fabric seems to lay flatter and fold under more willingly on the front frame)

c) as a boater,, i am familiar with Sunbrella, a popular canvas-replacement that has some "give "to it ...Has anyone used that?
....(and would its modern/lighter expansion-characteristics eliminate the "stretchmarks" i often see on the side of tops - just aft of the rear passenger windows?)
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All my Amphicar, Jeep, Metropolitans have the Cloth type tops(like Sunbrella)
On my main Comp. I have more pics but am in Fl. till after the.... MID FLORIDA SWIM IN ... at end of March!
They fit better, look better , easier to put up and down , and fold into rear boot better.
They are made in NY/NY and can be drop shipped to your address. They are in the range of $800 but well worth it.
I upgrade all my top to have Velcro in the sides instead of zippers. . Now if you hear a rip is just the Velcro letting go not the top ripping cause you forgot to undo the zipper.





Jon March

Gord - thanks. Im frustrated, because this is a new top on the car i bought, but its rather heavy vinyl, it holds wrinkles, and its so tight that it bent the front frame about 1/2" -

are there tricks to solve this? The zippers and roof straps are shiny bright new and the white is crisp - I would love to know if the wrinkles can be gotten out and if it can be stretched/relaxed - and how to fix the bent front frame.
...are there procedures?


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step 1..... remove top material.

step 2.. fix metal to fit perfect,
3. add metal trusses to front corners
4. make sure side rails are not sagging.
5.I have the instructions for that, just have to get then on comp.
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