Sun June 7 - "worlds fair edition" Amphicar?!

Jon March

Worlds Fair Park is having its 50th anniversary in Flushing Meadows, Queens BY - and they are looking for a couple Amphis to display on Sunday June 7 around the Unisphere ! Would be great to fine one like this! -

Who is interested?!!
Contact me ! Jon -

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Ron, and Jerry, that were there last year were told again this year that they CAN NOT go in the water, and if they wanted to camp there THEY would have to pay for the night guard, so they are NOt going this year.

Jon March

They were absolutely not told they could not go in the water! Quite the opposite!

They were invited back specifically to DO a swim-in. But after realizing there was a salt water component in Meadow Lake, they chose not to make the trip from Boston, and are focusing on the swim-in at the Historic Causeway in Naples Maine Aug 1&2.

The park also offered to let them stay overnight as a special accomodation(they never allow overnight stays) the only thing they asked is that a Pinkerton be hired for the overnite to protect the park from any liability in the unlikely event anything were to happen.

Bill Syx is going to try to reach out to a few NY area owners or he might even come himself for the afternoon.

I would venture to say that the World'sFair was the single biggest US event in Amphicar history; hopefully a NY area owner can proudly represent the marque again. Although you may not want to swim, there are 50 thousand folks who would love to see an Amphi or two at the Unisphere for this final 50th anniv event.

Its where more people saw the Amphicar than anywhere in the cars history.
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