Sufin USA....



Yesterday I was at Carter lake (here in Colorado) and the wind came
up (45+MPH) so I was forced to beach it because I knew I may not make
it to the ramp about 1/2 mile away. I was bombing through 4' waves
that were breaking over the roof! I ended up "surfing" the car onto
the shore and getting stuck in the sand. At one point, the front
wheels were out of the water between the waves! There was a 12" drop
off from the beach erosion that I wasn't sure I could get over. I
didn't have any choices other than to go for it. The waves were big
enough that it carried my car well above the drop off. A guy in a 4x4
pulled me out and then the wind stopped completely! I headed for the
ramp and gave the car a good bath then headed home.

"Surfer" John Bevins