Last Saturday we took the Amphicar Extraordinaire out to a local lake
for a day in the water. She ran flawlessly for 4 1/2 hours (except
she vapor locked for about 15 mins). Had about 8 or 9 people drive
her in-n-out to cheers every time. We had to be in the water for 45
mins before there was enough water to bilge for only about 15
seconds! I am sooo happy! My youngest passenger was my new 5 week
old great niece Hannah, but she was totally un-impressed. :)

Celina here we come!

I placed a couple of pics in the files section under "Amphicar
Extraordinaire Launch"

Count me in for a donation to the "Save Crusty" fund!

John "Floatin Like a big dog" Bevins
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