Substitute mail carriers ARGHH!!!



My next door neighbor's name is Bev and Vern Berens and they are an
older retired couple who travel a lot and are gone for weeks or more
at a time. It has been happening occasionally since we both moved in
in '96. Sometime when there is a new substitute mail carrier, Bev &
Vern get some of my mail and visa versa. It has happened again.
Yesterday Vern came over with about 20 pieces of mail for me (I
couldn't wait for another AOL CD) and I had a pile for him. There
are 3 orders for my CD in there (You know who you are).

If anyone sends a check and does not get a CD within 10 days (if the
check hasn't cleared, that's a clue I did not get it), let me know!
Send me an email, smoke signals, or a phone call and I can be sure
to have Bevs daughter plow through the mail for the order when she
comes over to check on their house every few days. I know you need
the CD you paid for and I try to get them out ASAP. The 3 latest
ones are going out tomorrow.