stumps tops and stuff


Dave Derer

Dougs episode reminded me of CELINA a couple years back when I poked a
hole in hull because of those darned tree stumps. Amazing how much flow
from a 3/8s hole. There are areas of the lake with lots of stumps!

Top problem. It could also be when installer put on webbing he had rear
window bow too tight. You will know when you take front of top off. Also
the rear hinge bolts can sometimes give you some adjustment. Pro
installers are used to American stuff and put these tops on way too
tight. Your lucky you havent broken frame yet.

After almost two years Mark Barnes finally talked me into doing a
service call in Denver. Excellent host. Saw John Bevins white 64. Its
looking great.His home is tastefully highlighted with Amphicar pics.Took
climb up a mountain. Scared crap out of myself, over 12,000 feet my
lungs did not operate very well, deep snow and great views though.

It was a bit strange taking boots and belt off for Airport security.
Long long line at Denver. Later Dave the Wave