I find the discussions of bigger engines and more power very
interesting. I have problems here in Tenn with the hills too. Have
looked at a 1500cc engine, but the 1300 seems to be a choice too.
Also, the heads and exhaust need to be looked at. Anybody up for
some headers on an amphi? Remember, an engine is a big air pump. The
more air you move, the more power you get. The tiny exhaust pipe
restricts flow. As for running rich, I have done that and the
opposite is to run hot and lean, which is where I now am at. You get
better power running lean, so it all is a trade off.

Went to a small car/plane show at the airport last weekend. Rain
kept the turnout low, but my Amphi won a top ten trophy. The first
time I have won a prize. Got there late and drew the biggest crowd,
so it was not a peoples chioce award.

Am supposed to be on a local (Knoxville) TV news show with a guy
that does the human interest stories. Have been planning to do it
all summer, but the heat and vacations keep putting it off. Now that
the weather is cooler, the lake has dropped 30 feet. I will post
when it happens so the local members can see it.

Howdy and see yall everyone! (redneck practice)

Mark & Becky and growing family