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David Derer

The discussion of a mild stretch Amphi came up again. Margie fully
understands why the Boys do not want to go anywhere any more.There just
aint' no room. Margie wants Me to cut up BW2 this winter. I pulled in
shop last night and reconsidered My original plan. First plan was to cut
door in half and add about 12 inches. My main concern here was the
hinges would not support the added weight. The other was to stretch
rear quarter-the rear window will not allow that. Then I figured by
adding another rear (quarter) window section I would end up with desired
length. Rear windows would work. Instead of two side windows it would
have a third. This extra section between door and rear quarter window. I
am hoping this small length change will not adversly effect everything.
If it works, We may be allowed one more season with Boys. I will be able
to drive without My knees hitting steering wheel and the constant knee
in My back should go away. Any disscussion on stretching would be
appreciated. **Some new owners should visit Das boat -Dan Gibsons page-
Long load but a very good read ** Almost forgot I got invited to retrace
Carlins trip around the World in an Amphibious school bus. The maker of
Amphi Geo has his sites on this. . then
look for "wheelsea". I finished a blue Amphi Friday took the week end
off. Now in a new race to get a green and a red one done. I am a very
lucky man. Later Dave the Wave P.S. I have to go to Starved Rock this
Saturday, Your welcome to come join us.