Strapping good tips



Strapping good tips
You folks are the best! I
got the exact tire straps
I was in search of thanks
to you. Soon I will win
the lottery, quit my job,
and travel the great 48
(make that 49 for Craig in
Alaska) States to show off
my new tire straps, new trailer,
and Amphi. It's such a nice
feeling knowing Amphi folks
care, share, and never despair.
Thanks everyone!
Be well, swim safe, and we'll
be seeing ya'll down the road.

'64 turquoise
San Diego, CA

BTW ? Now that the '69 Olds Cutlass
has a trailer hitch, Amphi and the
Cutlass are best of friends. Before
the hitch was installed they barely
spoke to one another, now they yap
all day & night planning the first
of many adventures. Mermaid's Jag
is still not in the clich?? yet.

PS ? I've alerted my contacts in
Hollywood and they are preparing
for the arrival of Billy Splash
King Syx and Dave the Wave. There
is an old guy on Hollywood Blvd who
wears a giant Styrofoam box on his
head with a dozen aerial antennas
sticking out of it. This guy swears
he is in constant contact with extra
terrestrials and he has assured me
that Billy and Dave will be "well
cared for in their new environment."
Good luck boys and make us, your
amphibious community, proud of your
heroic aqueous endeavors.

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