Dave Derer

A few weeks ago talked with the better half of Tampa Tommy. To read a
story and then to hear it can really make you smile. The one about them
breaking down and swim pushing the Amphi surrounded by $#@%
alligators!!!!!! Lynn says they now have every spare part, widget, and
radio. Do they have a rotor?

Did'nt Doug loose a prop and decided to let the gators keep it?

How about when Jack Risley was in Rod's car and it almost sank. Nothing
like watching a Amphi slowly fill with water. 100 feet can look like a

Or meeting a pair of great Texans Al and Deb Heath via a tow rope
because of a bad starter.

Or meeting a wild Easterner Billy Syx buying a starter

Or hopefully forgetting how the nickname Daves Evil Twin was spawned!

Later Dave the really sick of one degree mornings Wave

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Al Heath

Dave the Wave wrote:
>> Or meeting a pair of great Texans Al and Deb Heath via a tow rope
>> because of a bad starter.

I remember that. I was a little concerned that steering was going to be a
problem in that the extra drag from behind would keep me pointed only
straight ahead, but by hooking the tow rope in the center of my car, we
(with the brown wonder in tow) managed to negotiate the tight corners under
the bridge into the hot hole without any problems. Another time, I towed
a house boat ... ever so slowly so as not to pull the amphi apart, but
nonetheless we got them to the repair dock. The shore crowd was really
amazed that the tow boat, er truck, er amphi, just drove out of the water
at the end of the ordeal. I think one thing to remember is where to not
hook the tow rope on the towing amphi. Maybe Hugh will relate the story of
using his amphi to remove some rather large wooden logs from the shore...

Of course, beside towing, I've been towed to.... once across the lake by a
jet ski when my coil suddenly died ... cruising perfect, then a couple of
misfires and then no spark at all... Anyone familiar with other older Brit
cars might remember that some of them have a factory spare coil already
installed the firewall for just such reasons. Then there was Celina this
past year ... at night ... with ~poda way out in front of the eagles. But
it did restart and then died again on the ramp ... After trying points,
condensor, rotor, etc, this time it turned out to be an intermittant fault
in the coil wire which sometimes would "fix itself for a spell" when you
took the distributor cap off to examine the points only to fault again when
most inconvenient. Then of course, there's the Dave "it can't be the
rotor" Wave story...

Al Heath