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We purchased our first red Amphicar, brand new from the dealer thirty five
years ago. In those early years, before the internet and other means where
the public came to know about the Amphicar, we had the most fun because no
one really knew what it was, and we played its unusual qualities to the
hilt. Some of the adventures were hilarious, some were just funny, and some
were serious. As time permits, I will share some of them with this group.

One nice sunny day about thirty years ago, we were swimming in our first
Amphi "Rubber Ducky" on Lake Pocotopague in East Hampton, Connecticut. when
we noticed a man and his kids waving from a 14' outboard motor boat. We were
thinking what a great bunch of friendly boaters. Everyone else was waving
back to him, however I noticed that as time passed, his boat wasn't moving
and his waving becoming more frantic.

As we swam closer to him we thought he may have had engine problems, so we
called out to him "anyone here call AAA". He laughed and after all the usual
Amphi questions he said, I thought no one would ever stop, that his motor
had quit and could we get someone to give him a tow. We said no problem,
Rubber Ducky is really a multi purpose vehicle, today it will be a tow
truck, and we threw him a line. As he tied on, we asked him where on the
lake he lived. He pointed to a cottage about a half mile away just across
the road from the beach and asked us if we could tow him there. Of course we
again said, not a problem.

As we proceeded towards the beach, we were thinking, this being a beautiful
hot summers weekend, and the beach being very crowded, we said to ourselves,
what a great time to show off Amphi, we began the tow.

As we approached the beach, everyone there was at the waters edge watching
in amazement and cheering. We slowed down and the man anticipating beaching
his boat, stood up and said thank you very much. However, we were not
through with our tow yet. As you remember he had asked us to tow him to his
cottage, soooooooooo Amphi continues out of the water, across the beach and
up onto the road with this boat still in tow. The man with the most amazed
expression on his face as his boat was already half way across the beach
said hold it!! stop!! stop!!. Laughingly we reminded him that he asked us to
tow him back to his cottage and that what we were trying to do. The people
there still talk about it to this day. How this lead to my second Amphi
purchase next time.

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