Steve Plunkett's Cruize-inn and Youtube videos of the Amphicars

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We spent the weekend at Steve Plunkett's Fleetwood car show. about a dozen amphicars were there and about half of them gave rides with the donations going to some charity. It was a great time and I got to give our car quite a workout in a very small pond with a very steep exit. By Monday, some videos already started appearing on youtube.
Ron Trudeau seems to be the man of the hour. He also was probably the most prolific ride-giver. One of his rides posted this videos. During the pullout, his engine stalled. It turned out to be a precursor for events to come. The engine started running so poorly that he was unable to get the car out of the pond again and had to be pulled out by a number of volunteers .
There is also a cameo of our car. It is the first of the three in this video

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