Steve Behnke


David Derer

Steve is struggling hard and making progress. In this overly hectic
life it is too easy to get overwhelmed with day to day anxieties. I
called Steve to hopefully cheer him up but instead he woke me up. He
felt that stress had weakened his imune system which then allowed this
level 4 cancer to take hold. The same type of stresses that have had me
going around the clock. The same ones that I sense when I talk to (You
know who You are). Listening to Steve reminded Me of what really was
worth stressing about. He would like an occasional visitor-if visitor is
not sick. He appreciated the phone call. He would like for someone to
give him a ride in his Amphi. He would like our continued prayers for
his recovery. He is Thankfull for this great Amphicar group that has
been supporting him and his Family. I too am Thankfull for this group.
Later Dave the Wave
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