Stern article

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Ren? Pohl

Dear Amphicar lovers,
you are so true about this amphicar article in Stern magazine of 13th
September. We Germans are probably even more disappointed then you are.
First I had to find the article just by chance on the very last day of this
issue available in the paper shops. Mr Richarz did not inform me or anybody
else about publishing date nor send anyone a free copy. Especially I asked
him not to talk about prices at all, because this can only be bad for us.
Well - he left out the value of the complete Amphicar, but pointed out, that
Hugh takes 14.000,-DM e.g. 6800,-USD for a tranny. Before this article with
a bit of luck we were able to find new trannys here for about 3-4000 DM
only. Now everybody storing piece of junk in his barn is believing he sits
on a mountain of treasures.
The bad mistakes the author did to all of you I feel very shame about and I
am very sorry - even I could not help it anyhow. I have never heard from
Richarz after Celina again. I tried to contact him several times, but got
only his answerphone.
Mr. Richarz has got an email adress as well. I thought about forwarding all
your remarks of disappointment to him, but otherwise those letters were
"inside" mails only. So I suggest everybody should send him his point of
view directly via email. His email adress is:

I have to appologize myself for my late reaction on all the amphicar-lover
letters about this subject in the news group. But because lack of time I had
to give up reading all newsgroup letters every day. I do get them and load
them down from my server, but they have to wait until I find the time to
read some particular mails. Sorry. So please, if someone has got an urgent
question, please contact me directly at

Again I am very sorry for this unlucky article, but want to point out, that
not me or any other member of the Amphicar Club Berlin had any influence on
the author to write such stupid nonsense. It would be too sad if this
journalism accident will effect our good relationship.

We really had a good time in Celina with all of you and hope to see you
again next year in Europe. Our election meeting is by end of October. After
that meeting I will be hopefully able to confirm Italy Lake Garda event for
next summer.

Amphi Ahoy
Ren? Pohl