Steering Wheel Restoration

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When I was restoring my car years ago, I purchased a new steering wheel and hung the old one on a nail.
It was on the car when it was painted and suffered over spray to go with the cracks that were already there.

So while out in the barn I saw this poor wheel just hanging there and decided to bring it home to see if it could
be fixed up to look like new and possibly even be used on another car sometime in the future.

Here is what I am starting with. First step is to clean off the red paint, dirt, and grime to see what I am working with.
I hope no large pieces come off during this step.


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Ken Chambers

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I restored one in about the same condition. Used JB Weld to fill in the cracks and sanded to a very smooth finish. That was more than five years ago and it still feels perfectly smooth so nothing changed or got worse. So I'm happy with the JB Weld as it seems to have worked well.
I also used the JB Weld putty.
It worked well, but upon closer inspection I am seeing micro cracks that it did not fill.
The putty is fairly stiff so it does not flow into such small cracks like I thought it might.123 001 (3).jpg

If you look close you can see the cracks and some sanding scratches. I had to use some fairly aggressive paper to get through the JB Weld.123 001 (2).jpg

123 002 (2).jpg

I have ordered some finishing putty and very high grit sandpaper to get material into those cracks and sand it down so everything is filled and smooth.

Ken Chambers

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I used the squeeze tube epoxy that pushes into the cracks very nicely. There's the regular slow setting and the quick set version.


This is going to sound strange, but I think my cracks were not big enough for the product I used.
That putty I had was probably better suited for gaps rather than cracks.

I actually smeared some on those cracks twice trying to fill them. After sanding and sanding to get it off and down to just the crack and seeing a crack still there I had to think of something else. I will post after the JB Weld finish body filler gets here the results.