Steering wheel repair


Anyone have experience with a great steering wheel repair service; or, do any of those kits really work? Thanks.


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I was able to repair my own steering wheel. I used a dremel tool to widen out and clean the cracks and pits. I then used Marinetex epoxy(similar to JB-weld) to fill in the cracks and pits. Lots of sanding and more Marinetex to get everything smooth. I then sealed with epoxy primer and finished with a good automotive paint(Hugh recommends Ford Wimbledon White I believe). It's been 2 years and the steering wheel still looks fine with no cracks yet reappearing.:dft012:


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I use to do all the repairs myself but meet a fellow at car flea market whom does wheels for old cars and boats, turns out he lives around the corner, and has shown me many ways of improving my steel bodymaking work as well.(I have even made a complete steel outer skin for front hood last year)
He has done many wheels for me and other amphi owners(has 3 there now)
if you want email me off line and I will put you in touch with him or just send wheel to me and I will take it to him(RicK P)


Only use the BEST...
Jb will recrack if you pull hard on wheel getting out of car.
Colour, it is a shade darker than the stock amphicar white
I just add a little yellow to the mix to get right shade.
do wheel, horn, neck, turn signal, all knobs, and vissors the same shade