Steering Stabilizer



Our latest travel across the country is almost complete. We're
nearly home -now in Corvalis, OR- which brings us to a 21,000 mile
total. The country, scenery, and the people we have met have been

The only minor problem towing Amphi "4-down" has been the occasional
loss of "tracking" when slowly turning sharply through a roadedge
gutter-like depression or over a speed bump. Due to the very light
load on the front end Amphi's steering can begin to violently swing
from lock to lock. Stopping and slowly accelerating solves the
problem, but there is always concern over potential tie-rod or
steering box damage.

Pulsing the vast knowledge of the group: has anyone had the occasion
to install a steering stabilizer on their Amphicar, perhaps as an
experiment to improve steering? This could be of help to my
situation and I am interested to learn of any part numbers,
installation tips or ideas that have either been tried or even

Thanks, --LarryS