Steering Geometry Question

Ed Price

The Maintenance Manual gives the following dimensions for initial setup of
the front end geometry:

1. Part # 07-25-23, right side track rod: 49.125"
Clearly, this is totally wrong, this should be more like 29".
2. Part # 07-25-27, left side track rod: 13.375"
This may be correct.
3. Part # 05-21-49, left and right side caster rods: No length given.
This may be something like 9".

Note that these lengths are the distance between the centerlines of the
associated tie rod ends. These lengths are not the final aligned values, but
are simply good enough for setup and allowing you to drive to the alignment

It would be nice if a few of us with Amphis that steer well could provide
these dimensions so that we can fix the absence of help in our manuals.


Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy