Steering Box Bolts


Ed Price

Just a warning to those nosy enough to open and explore their steering box.

The Parts Manual calls Item 7-25-71 an "adjusting flange with oil gauge."
Clearly, that tube is no oil gauge, it's a tube through the gearbox to allow
passage of the horn wire.

Item 7-25-71 is held in place with four M8-20 hex bolts. You should note that
Item 7-25-91 is held in place with four M8-22 hex bolts. All these bolts look
very similar, but if you use a 22mm bolt to hold down Item 7-25-71, the nuts
will either bottom out without tightening, or they will prevent full motion of
the worm sector gear!

2mm!!! It would have been nicer to have used 20mm long bolts for all 8

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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