starving for fuel


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No, this is not an editorial about high price of gas, It is a serious question about My Amphicar. After the last swim, I let the engine cool down in the usual way before parking. When I restarted later the engine had the classic symptoms of vapor lock. I had to push the Amphicar into the garage. Last week after sitting, I went to start it up and it acted the same way. It would not stay running, like it was running out of gas. It is defiantly NOT a spark problem. Now a couple of questions, which way is the fuel tap lever supposed to face?
Right, left, up or down? I have not moved mine but when I looked at it the other day it was at the 2:00 position. So give me some ideas before I go back out to the lake to diagnose my problem
Tim Wick



The handle (Looking from inside the car) at 9:00 is reserve, 6:00 ON,
and 3:00 is off unless your handle in installed the opposite way.

Pull the fuel line at the carb and check the pressure there with a
gauge. It should be no less than 3.5Lbs. Also turn over the engine and
observe the stream of fuel. It should be steady and strong. Should
fill a soup can in just a few seconds. If not the pump may be weak or
a line may pinched or collapsed. MTBE fuel additives will soften the
rubber lines diaphram/valves in the pump.

My guess is the fuel pump went South or the fuel tap is plugged. The
tap and pump are re-buildable. The tap and filter often just needs
cleaned out. The pump comes apart easilly, look at the diaphram and
inspect for damage. The 2 valves inside are suspect as well.

If equipped, check the solenoid fuel shutoff valve for correct
operation. It can also be disassembled and cleaned out for smooth

I add an electric pump with a remote switch. The pump should be
mounted as close to the tank as possible to prevent collapsing weak
lines from the vacuume created (Its best to push the fuel rather than
pull it). This way if the manual pump quits or vapor lock happens, I
flip the switch and off I go. Pumping through the manual pump will
work fine and has no effect on its operation.

John Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar