Starter Motor Installation: A Two-person Job?


Switching out a starter motor should be easy. Afterall, it's two bolts and a nut. Getting a starter out is a one person job, although it would help to have two. But getting it back in is tough with onlt one. On my Amphi, the bolts slip very easily in and out of the bolt holes, so getting a nut on them is difficult. I used a vice grip on the upper bolt to hold it in place while I put the washer and nut on. The lower bolt is a different story. I couldn't get a vice grip to stay and I couldn't get anything to wedge against the bolt. You can't get one hand on the bolt and get the nut on with the other. At least, I'm not that kind of contortionist. I'll get a friend to hold the bolt in place and from there it will be easy. But, I was wondering. Anybody have any tricks to keep that lower bolt in place while the nut is screwed on?

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Place an open end wrench on it and use a spring clamp to hold it in place. Another trick is make sure your threads are clean and the nut turns smoothly on the bolt, then use some real good old duct tape to hold the bolt while you start the nut. I am able to hold it with my index finger and start the nut with my thumb and ring finger. Then power tools to run it in tight.