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    There's a good deal on a mid-sized benchtop blasting cabinet from Harbor
    Freight. It's not anything like a big unit from TIP, etc., but for $65 it's
    about 20% of TIP's minimum price and a pretty good starter for someone.
    Several people on the Triumph list have this model and all feel it's a good
    value. It's regularly $129.99, on sale for $64.99 with free shipping in the
    contiguous 48 states. A light kit is available for $12.99. The unit is
    just over 25" wide and as I recall about 17" deep and 22" high. It'll do
    most of what you need for typical small mechanical parts, and not eat up
    lots of space in your shop. You can't do a wheel in there too well, but for
    the few big parts on any particular restoration, you can always go somewhere
    to use a bigger cabinet blaster, etc. This unit easily stores under a
    bench, on a shelf, etc. I'm sick of open-air blasting and have been looking
    at cabinet units for 16 years (since I left Binks where I used to be able to
    use a huge industrial cabinet model) but just have no room for any more big

    It's Model 35604, but if you try to look it up on the Web site it'll come up
    $89.99 or maybe even $129.99. To buy it at the $64.99 price, enter the
    order on Harbor Freight's Web site in their "Order from printed catalog"
    area. The number you want is 35604-7 RJB.

    It was listed at $64.99 on Saturday, but then Harbor Freight changed the
    main page for this item to a $89.99 sale price. However, they still accept
    orders for it at the lower price with the correct suffix. You MUST enter
    the number / letter suffix "7 RJB" for the 50% sale price.

    There's also good deal on their powder coating outfit, which is much better
    than Eastwood's unit, according to a friend who has done extensive work with
    his Eastwood unit for a couple of years and now has switched to the HF one.
    Regularly $99.99, but available for $79.99 using the proper order number, as
    above. Cheap at either price compared to Eastwood's $150 unit, and heavier,
    longer canbles, etc. than Eastwood's. Contact me offline for more info.


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