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Robert Vondracek

The description "Stainless Steel" refers to steel that will stain less.

John Friese was one of the early ones to purchase my "Stainless Steel
Parking Brake Cables". I buy the cables from Hugh, and change the cables to
stainless. I am very proud of my system and duplicate Hugh's assembly
exactly. I was shocked when John called me an showed me that certain things
were backwards. Fortunately, they were easy for him to swap. Now I send them
out with everything the right way.

An engineer friend says that stainless steel typically resists corrosion for
10-20 times longer than conventional steel. I have heard of steel brake
cables failing after 3 years, so that means mine will last a minimum of 30
years. I wonder if Hugh will sell all his steel ones by then?

Robert "Still Alive" Vondracek

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