Stained Glass Amphicar


Marc Schlemmer

I know that many of you are like me, and frequently take a look at what eBay
has to offer the Amphicar lover by searching for "Amphicar". Well, as you
may know, there is a brand new, one of a kind, Stained Glass Amphicar up
there right now. It is Item # 2075232892.
Sure, the seller says that is looks more like an Amphicar that needs
restored....but its her first attempt! Let's give her a little
encouragement to continue improving and making the Amphicars so that they'll
get better and better...because you know you'll want one! Let's get some
bids on this item so that she knows there's a future out there in Stained
Glass Amphicars! I bet a good 'ol fashioned bidding war will show that
we're anxious to see more Amphicars.
It's always great to see something new for the Amphicar lovers!

Marc Schlemmer.