SS Tips-n-Tricks



1st - Amphipoda, I thank you for your most appreciated and Poda-esqu
endorsement! :) It is a truely a privelege to be associated with this
great worldwide club!

Each SS is unique, there are some pics that are in several and some
in only one, but none are in all 5. "Amphicars!" has the most @ 66
and I believe "Amphibiousness" has the least with 14. I created a
special picture for Hans and his acomplishments.

No plans just yet, if anyone has the room, set aside some pictures
for a time in the future when I may need more. <hint...hint>

As far as copyrights, I would defer these to the owners of the
individual pictures (where known), or to the club if that is
acceptable. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to make a
profit on them, they are my gift to you.

John Bevins