Spring Valley

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We just got back from Spring Valley, what a great weekend. We had 7
Amphicars swimming in and out of the IL River. You sure have to
watch out for those barges and their big waves, they really churn up
the water.
We must have taken 30 people for rides in our car, it was a blast.
4 of our cars took a 6 mile cruise up the river to Peru and drove
back just in time for dinner. The Spring Valley Boat Club was very
hospitable and put on a fantastic dinner.
Only 2 problems slowed the fun all weekend, Nick & Sandy lost a blade
from one of the props, they had a spare on hand and resumed the fun
quickly. On one of Wayne & Kathy's many trips in, their car died,
after being towed out, they found the coil wire had fallen off.
A few of us grilled beer boiled brats & burgers at the Wave's house
Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to Dave and Margie for hosting this well planned swim in.
Lets do it again next year.

Marty & Caryl
64 Turq