Spring Valley Weekend

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It was a wondeful trip. My son Nikolai (aka Nick) got to ride in the
Amphicar in his child seat. We took a long cruise up river with 3
other cars. Very exciting since none of us had any idea where the
boat ramp was. On Sunday morning I cam back and went for a last swim
with Dave the Wave and Nick B from Wisconsin ... a great time. We all
went out at a public boat ramp ... since there were three lamps we
did a triple launch. What fun!

It was very nice actually driving the car. Dave has done an amazing
job on my transmission. It appears that when the previous owner
rebuilt the transmission they left out some parts. Two summers back
we discover it was missing its balls, noe we discover that the rods
were gone too. I'm sure that Amphipoda would have reminded me that
these things generally travel in packs (two balls to the rod is the
US standard<G>). The carb is working well and I actually got the car
up to 70 at one point. It drives nice at 65.


PS My apology for not getting this out sooner. I was cleaning up
stuff and decided to go into Yahoo to write something from the
office. I did not realize that we were both a club (Amphicar) and a
Group (Amphicar-Lovers). The "Club" is a little dead as this is the
group list ... mea culpa.