Split bumpers VS one piece



I will be sending the entire list of S/N changes to Marc once I get
the file located, but for now I remember sombody asking about when 2
piece bumpers were used. This from the Maintenance manual (pg 11/5)

A divided bumper arrangement is built into the vehicles beginning with
Serial No. 101 188 (White and blue vehicles)
Serial No. 101 765 (Red and green vehicles), resp.

The Maint Man PDF is DONE DONE DONE!! Now I will take some time to
burn a few of these and get them packaged prior to accepting orders
so shipping will be *IMMEDIATE*.

I don't have a timeline or price on the hard copies yet. That will be
up to the printer once they see what I have (334 pages). They will be
Heavy paper covers and chapter dividers with a metal spiral binding.

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John Bevins