1. It was a great 4 day weekend here in the south, southern Wisconsin
    that is, the temperature was way up in the mid 70's, Sat was a little
    higher. Not a day went by that we didn't make the big splash,
    sometimes more than once a day plus giving rides to those that had
    only read about or seen our choice of transportation from afar. I
    think we watched Billy too much in Celina, he seems to have rubbed
    off, at least on the kids, they always say "go in faster, go in
    faster, we wanna to get wet"...

    We are really loving this little beauty, we have made so many friends,
    we always hear things like:
    "A guy that has one"
    "There use to be a guy around here that..."
    "And that guy only has 200 miles on his"
    "Did you have to modify or build much to make this car into a boat"
    "Where's the other motor?"
    "Does it have a top"
    "Do the fins mean it was made in the 50's"
    "How much water comes in"
    "They said that you would drive out and I didn't believe them til I a
    saw for myself and then I still didn't what I saw it".

    I still feel like I am rocking with the waves today, maybe I should go
    home...or swimming.

    Attached are some pics of our little beauty. Enjoy.

    Marty & Caryl
    64 Turq

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