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Splash of the Mermaid...

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Splash of the Mermaid?

So many Kodak moments during my
Mermaid's first "off site work meeting."
She gathered her staff and friends for a
little get-together at our local lake. More
food than a dozen people could possibly
eat, but the beverages (especially the spiked
lemonade) were consumed in mass quantities.
Mermaid reckoned I should bring Amphi over
to further heighten the fun. I was resistant
since I'd just finished waxing Amphi for the
4th of the July Parade. Amphi looked so good
all waxed and polished? not a single water
spot to be found. Oh well, one must keep one's
Mermaid happy. So Amphi arrives to the cheers
of Mermaids staff and friends, cameras flash,
Amphi poses (Amphipoda endures). Rides were
offered and eagerly taken by all. Then Mermaid's
boss shows up for a ride?. Hmmmm Amphi and
I begin to plot a plan, a devious plan indeed. I
hand over my waterproof camera to Mermaid
and insist she take some photos with her boss and
I riding Amphi into the water. No way she could
refuse in front of her boss. Then a few of Mermaid's
employees climb aboard and off we all go the launch
ramp. Mermaid positioned herself on the pier,
camera ready, and waved us in. By the time I
engaged second gear, doing over 20 mph, Mermaid
lowered the camera in a surprised look. Then the
giant wave of water crashed onto my loving Mermaid,
soaking her from head to foot. Her boss and employees
aching with hearty deep belly laughs. The look Mermaid
gave me said I'll surely smoke a turd in purgatory for
that one. Later that evening Mermaid came out and
helped me polish up Amphi for the parade. Mermaid
is a good sport and I love my Mermaid. I hope you
love your mermaid too. Happy 4th of July everyone!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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